The Hundred Lives of Sleeping Beauty (Screenplay | Feature)

After falling under a sleeping spell, a warrior-princess must wake herself up — without true love’s kiss. With the help of her soul mate and a counter curse that reincarnates her in various bodies and worlds, she must find the key, along with three gemstones that are needed to save her. If the princess fails on her quest to awake, she’ll be stuck in the tortuous Forever Sleep, while malevolent powers will force her kingdom to fall.

The Girl From SumWare (Black Mirror | Spec Script)

An anti-social middle school boy never expected to make any friends in his new town, until he comes across a peculiar girl, whose time-traveling-sleeper-agent-creating orphanage puts them both in danger; motivating him to save his new friend from relentless tech-terrorists, no matter how long it takes.

Lion's Mane (Novel | First Chapters Available)

An audacious teenage girl with supernatural abilities, unbeknownst to her, is transported to a dimension where she discovers that she is heir to a throne - haunted by her family’s twisted past. With the help of a pacifist warrior and her new eccentric friends, she must save the kingdom from the brink of war, or else both she and the home she has come to know will be destroyed.

How I Saved The World (Short Story)

The more popular (and also less intelligent) of two sisters, is sent on a worldwide escapade to save her kidnapped twin. On her mission to rescue, this quintessentially-cool teen is faced with spy-espionage, exploding tampons, and YouTube-fangirling-dictators.

Gray Minia (Short Story) & (Screenplay | Short)

An outlandish high schooler is caught between his new misfit acquaintances and his long-time best friend - who is not as perfect as she seems.

In No Time (Screenplay | Short)

In a post-apocalyptic future, humans are forced to leave the safety of The Egg, having only one minute to be able to withstand the toxicity of Earth. When all, except one, perish in The Hatching, a girl is left alone with more time than she planned.

Writing samples are available upon request.